Terms and Conditions of use:

- You will be issued with a ticket for your garment(s)/items. Please ensure you have checked your ticket corresponds with the number of items you have brought into the shop. This needs to be done prior to leaving the premises.

- Upon collection if you have lost your ticket, you will need to sign and fill out your details declaring you are collecting without your ticket. 

-Check your order is complete prior to leaving the premises. We cannot accept liability for garments declared missing after you have left the premises. 

-All uncollected items will be disposed of within 3 months. We cannot be held liable for any loss as a result of the disposal of your item.

-We cannot be held liable for any item which suffers any damage such as loss of colour/shrinkage/loss of integrity, during the cleaning process, whereby the manufacturer’s care label instructions have been adhered to.

- We cannot be held liable for any damage to any garment as a result of it's accessory. i.e. item damaged due to belts, buckles, buttons, beading, leather trims, furs, zips.

- Items which have beading, sequins, embroidery are given at the owner's responsibility as these can come off during the dry cleaning process even if deemed suitable for dry cleaning by the care label. 

-We cannot be held liable for any item that does not show cleaning instructions or have a care label.  These items are given at the owner's responsibility. 

-Some items  due to wear and tear or due to its integral nature, is unable to withstand an industrial laundered or dry-cleaned process and we cannot be held liable for garments which lose their integrity after being dry cleaned as a result of this. 

-Any alterations given will be altered to the level pinned either by the customer or by the tailor whilst the garment is tried on.  If the end result is not as expected (i.e. sits slightly longer or shorter once the alteration has been complete, this can be as a result of the material not sitting as expected).  We cannot take responsibility for this and this is at the customer's own risk.  If the customer is not satisfied we are willing to do the alteration one more time to allow an increase or decrease of length by a small amount.

-In the event that any garment / item is lost / damaged by us and is part of a set E.G. two piece suit. We will only compensate for that specific lost / damaged item that is documented on the customer's ticket. We will not compensate for the value of set loss / damage.  We will require proof of purchase and date of purchase.  

 -If your garment value is above £200 (whether for dry cleaning service or alteration service), it is your responsibility to declare this at the point of handing in your item. In the event of lost item/damage we will not compensate for above £200 unless this was declared at the point of handing in the garment. 

We do not replace old for new and therefore need to establish the age, state and condition of the item(s) prior to any compensation. We will apply a depreciated value to the item(s) based on the above information. 

-By using our service, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of use as above.